As the summer sun beats down, the Pokemon well starts drying up around you, you've refreshed Facebook 5 times, and still, you look off into the sunset, bored. to. tears. Yea, us too.  So we thought we would remind you, what is still worth coming back to Searcy, AR for. We love lists, we love mindless internet articles, we love wasting time, THESE ARE ALL THOSE THINGS. 

There are many reasons that make Slader's a great place to hang out, to do homework, to sip coffee, or to full on just move in and set up camp. Here are a few reasons why, you may agree, you may disagree, but this is our list, so we make the rules. 

1. Dumplings

Of course we have to start out with the dumplings! Close to 3 years later its still what keeps the lights on, and 3 years later its what still bring in a lot of dumb questions. Dumplings are the most popular thing at Slader's for obvious reasons, its your only choice! There is no better combo in the world (imo) than curry, melted butter, sriracha, and cilantro on top of some dumplings-seriously, nothing better! The cravings sneak up on you, you don't actually know you are hooked until its too late, you are 700 miles away sitting on your couch at home for summer and you wonder what that dumpling size hole in your heart is... we know what it is.

2. Coffee

Ah, the Joe. Most every restaurant, even most gas stations sell coffee, why are we any different? Heritage Coffee. Where else can you get the coffee the Polar Bears drink? The coffee that Bald Eagles swear by, and Moose and Caribou fight over. Nowhere, thats where. The "Polar Brew" (cold brew) has been awarded as best Cold Brew coffee sold in an Alaskan Dumpling restaurant in the country. And we are honored by that. If you aren't a fan of the food, and you truly are as bored as you say you are, come in and just watch the cold brew tower drip, its almost as good as walking around aimlessly for Pokemon. 

3. Shwagg

Local designs by local artists make the SADCo. line a must for wannabe Alaskans! Seen in music videos by Taylor Swift and Kanye West, the Alaskan chilled out vibe is one that has everyone clamoring for some "Gold Threads." SADCo. will keep you fresh for every season, tank tops, that would never be worn in Alaska, and long sleeve shirts that in Arkansas, we look forward to wearing starting on about May 1. I hear that SADCo. has some big plans for their fall line, might need to keep your eyes and ears peeled. 

4. Ambiance

Alaskan themed. Darts whizzing by your face.Two comfortable chairs and a couch to relax and take a nap on. People asking "what the heck is this." Concerts and trivia night. Tales of Alaskan vacations gone by. Christmas lights all around. A large inflatable bear outside. A back porch to enjoy the Alaskan Summer/Arkansas Winter. Thinking to yourself, what goes on in that back room?.... Series of tunnels guys, mind blown. And a little music to get the feet-a-movin. We won't judge, what do you think we do from 2:30-4:30. Moonwalk, lots of moonwalking. 


5. Loblolly

Ahh, a song of ice and fire. An ode to cool your ever burning mouth down. To put out the fire that is Sriracha. Salted Caramel of House Loblolly is there to call in its banner men. Macarons, those tiny little... things. You don't really know why you are buying them, but A) your girlfriend wants one, so, like you have a choice, B) how on earth can something so small be so expensive, C) you take a bite, D) oh thats why. Rule of thumb, the girlfriend is always right. 


The food is delicious, the coffee is great, the shirts are dope, the music is catchy and nice, loblolly is the coolest thing ever, and the atmosphere is comforting but none of that is true without you guys.

I say this because I'm here pretty much every day and I see the effects. The relationships that I and Slader have created because of SADCo. is something that we care about a lot, seriously. There is nothing better than getting the chance to sit down and hold a conversation with you guys about anything. I've had conversations with people stemming from politics to 401ks and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Slader and I put in a lot of work to make SADCo. great, but in reality you guys are the ones that make it great just by walking through the door.

So keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome and we love it!

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