One of the cornerstones of SADCo. is family, is community. We are always looking for ways to grow our exposure to new markets, in new ways. One of the things we mention a lot of the time is the "SADCo. Team," talking about those that make up the inner workings of the SADCo. business itself. Going forward one of the things we have always talked about is building a "team" in a sense of sponsoring athletes or individuals that are living out the Alaskan outdoor lifestyle. Before we do any of that though, we figured it would be smart to live out that team in the realest sense available.... a summer softball team! 


The SADCo. Team joined the Little Rock 2016 Softball League. Composed of current team members, past team members, and dedicated fans of SADCo, we took the league by storm. Meet the team and learn why Little Rock will always remember the night they played the Titans. 




Slader Marshall - Short Stop, The Alaskan Assassin, Dumpman Dumpman Dumpman That Boy Up to Sonethin, Long Hair Don't Care

Stuntin' is a habit some say, and Slader had that habit. Groomed on the slopes of the Alaskan wilderness, grizzled by long winters and short nights, Slader learned how to hit with a large piece of hemlock wood and a balled up strip of baleen. That tenacity showed up in the way he played, tough hard nosed, cleats up softball. You wanted a single, he gave you a double, you wanted a double, he gave you an inside the park homer. If you've ever seen Rudy, he was Rudy. 


Payton Weeks - Rover, Dirt Dobber, Angel in the Outfield, Grass Stain Lane.

Payton was the heart and soul of the team, he played with tenacity in the outfield, and if there was a ball within 100 yards, he was going to dive for it. Amazingly he never fell into the large pit between center field and right field, and a lot of us lost money over it. 

Brent Simmons - 1st Base, Stretch, Marty McSplits, The Hose, "Hose Him Gill!" The Great Bambino, Womp Womp

Brent was our cleanup hitter, striking fear into the eyes of our lowly opponents, he led the team in put outs at 1st base diving and stretching all over that base. If he would have been wearing pants, they surely would have given way, but thank goodness we play in shorts. 

Tyler Tipton - Pitcher, Louisiana Lightning, The One Eyed Raven, Break Yo' Ankles, Buzz The Tower 

The unquestioned ace of the staff, led the league in strikeouts with at least 4, Tyler was the enforcer of the team and had to buzz the tower of the opponent at least once to restore order after one of our players had been plunked. They tried to attack his ankle with a fierce grounder, but like Willis Reed in the 1970 NBA Finals, when it looked all but over, he stumbled out of the dugout and completed his perfect game. Legends never die. 

Brad London - Left Field, Quack Quack Quack, No Fly Zone, The Cat House, Larry Legend

Ken Griffey Jr. took notes from Brad London, instituting the "no fly zone" outfield, that is used in the modern game today. Just like duck season in the south, whenever one of those yellow balls was stroked into the air past 3rd base, it was shot down immediately by Brad's golden left arm. Climbing the fence to rob a home run, no problem, hosing someone who was trying to steal an extra bag, no way, Brad was the anchor of the outfield, we probably will never see another like him. 

Brian Hodges - Center Field, The Golden Domer, Team Dad, Charlie Hustle, The Jamie Vardy Party, Get Banged, Brain 

Brian, the leadoff specialist, the table setter, the foundation of the offense, he might have been the only player on the team with glasses, but he sure didn't play like it. Hours in the cage paid off for this guy as he led the team in sac-flies and walks. The umpires tried their hardest to slow this animal down, but what did Brian do? he looked in the face of death, and said, "Not today, not today." He hustled so hard, often times he'd take two laps around the field on a home run, just for the exercise. 

Zac Gill - Catcher, Right Field, 2nd Base, Center Field, Jack of All Trades, Hector the Heckler, OPPPPPPO, Slapstick Sally, Wiggin and Giggin

Every championship team needs a glue guy, someone who will do whatever it takes to win, play anywhere, do anything, make the crass jokes that we are often too scared to make, that was Zac. Sweet Zac, gone too soon... the season that is, he was really just finding his niche, to think how great we were already and we didn't even have Zac firing on all Known for his opposite field power, his inside out swing would have made Derek Jeter proud, man, he was a player. His golden jacket is waiting. 


Now these aren't all of our team members, just the ones who showed up for picture day, we couldn't have done it without these homies! 

Reed Madden

Carter Trent

TJ Sefcik

Bryce Gill

Tanner Whisenant 

Mont Fisher

Austin Sharp


So if you are ever in Little Rock playing softball, you look to the distant hills, and cresting over those hills is a golden glow of strapping young men, turn and run the other way. Winter is coming.