I've been all across Europe, Central America, and Canada but nothing really compares to the trip we took to "The Last Frontier."

Over the past 7 months of working at the shop, many people have expressed their interest in going to Alaska over pretty much anywhere else, even Europe. I mean people really perk up when I talk to them about going to Alaska — more than they have when I've talked about Europe! Now, they could very well just be saying that because of where they are standing (right below the Alaskan flag), but after my visit up north I truly understand why people are so intrigued. I too believe in their fascination, because I have seen it for myself.


Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. etc.... it has its history, sculptures, monuments, and architecture, which is all great, don't get me wrong. But Alaska has something much better. To me, that something is in the nickname, "The Last Frontier," and how it truly describes the state and the experience of Alaska. To offer a place and experience that is pure and untouched by anything you see in the lower 48 is truly remarkable and enjoyable. I mean, you can go 15 minutes off the trail while hiking and you could potentially be in a spot where nobody has ever been before! You can get on a boat and watch whales jump out of the water, smack their tails, or just come up for air! You can hike right up to a glacier that has been there for hundreds of years, and on your way you could have a bear walk 5 feet in front of you! For safety reasons, hopefully you don't see a bear but you get my point.

One of my favorite things I experienced was seeing (barely and briefly) the Northern Lights. Slader and I sat fireside on the bank behind his house and watched the sun "set." This was some sun set considering I'm from the south and we see some incredible sunsets. We set up around 8:30 PM and the sun was still relatively high in the sky and didn't visibly duck behind the mountains until 11 PM, which is crazy to witness. After about a hour of the sun setting, the night sky started to turn a greenish color. I thought it was odd and began to ask Slader if it was the Northern Lights, which he said no. However, the later into the "night" it got, the greener the sky became. I bugged Slader more and more about it being the Northern Lights, which he FINALLY confirmed that, in fact, that's what it was.  Finally satisfied with that confirmation, I sat down and enjoyed what many will never get to witness.

The possibilities are endless in Alaska and I hope/urge you all to take a trip to there because it truly is an experience you will never forget! We hope and strive for SADCo. to build a bridge for you to experience a little bit of Alaska one way or another, whether it's the food, wearing our merchandise, or the environment of the shop. We want your experience to be completely unique. We want it to be like nothing you've seen before. We want it to be like Alaska. 

Now get up, visit us at the shop, or go outside and do something incredible instead of just sitting around! Go explore! 

(As much as you can in Searcy, or wherever you are reading this)