Food truck launch is finally here! Honestly I never really saw the shop in this way when we originally had an idea for a restaurant, but here we are! When we were going around gauging peoples interest in the shop before we ever opened 7/10 people said that we should do a food truck. I believed strongly in the atmosphere of a restaurant, if you did it the right way, so that is what we did. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But as we continued to grow with the brick and mortar restaurant, the more I realized that more people needed to experience the SADCo. love. The food truck was born.

July of 2014, 7 months after we initially opened the restaurant, I was browsing Craigslist and came across a 1978 Grumman Kurbstep Van in Memphis, TN. Grumman was actually famous for making aircrafts because they are famous for their aluminum body shell that will last forever. On that fact alone, I was sold.

What started as a "what if" became a reality, and no lie, my dad and I drove up to Memphis the next day and bought the truck on the spot. I had planned to be open in late March but if I can tell anyone anything about running a business, EVERYTHING takes longer than you think it will. So here we are about 5+ months after I thought we were going to be launching, actually launching. I think that is because we did everything the right way, for everyone that didn’t drive by the shop in the summer, the truck was gutted and built almost entirely by three people: myself, my dad, and the manager of the shop in Searcy, Payton Weeks. We spent all summer stripping off old paint, hand (and I mean physically the two hands connected to your body) sanding 7+ coats of paint off, ripping out and building a new interior floor, gutting the entire interior and installing prep tables, sink systems, water tanks, grill surfaces and more. The truck itself actually has a more professional/high quality kitchen structure than the shop itself because in a food truck we are expected to serve food in a timely, almost immediate fashion.

As I said before, this truck is a 1978, in stripping off paint, we discovered that is was (in no particular order) a Channel 7 News Van, Harley Davidson transporter, BBQ truck, Ice Cream Truck, Memphis Hot Dog Truck, Furniture Mover, and USPS Truck. And thats all we know of… ANYWAYS…

Here we are, a week before we are about to launch, running around like a chicken with our head cut off, but we are stoked. Stoked to find out what is out there for us, stoked to see if we can take this small little idea and turn it into a big one. We put our blood sweat and tears (literally) into this truck, and its a big risk, but honestly what is life without a little risk?

Look out your window, cause we are coming to a street near you.