My trips back home are always too short and this trip was no exception. But I am thankful that with this trip I could shed some light on the inspiration for SADCo. and share that with my coworkers and customers.

We were able to truly experience Alaska. We were able to see a black bear two feet away in the wild (probably too close), we were able to go mountain biking on a trail to a glacier, we were able to walk on that glacier (thankfully before it melts forever, s/o Global Warming, s/o Al Gore), we were able to catch wild king salmon, and even see humpback whales breaching out of the water, which doesn’t happen everyday.

Even though SADCo. probably has the smallest menu in the history of restaurants and rarely offers anything different, the shop itself is constantly changing, adding and expanding. In the same way, so is Alaska. Every time I am able to come back, things are different. A glacier has receded, the salmon population is down or up, it rains maybe only 6 days a week instead of7? The overwhelming response I get from friends that come to Alaska is that it is refreshing, it provides a break from the 9-5, and the hustle and bustle of big city living, or in Searcy’s case, sweltering heat.

That is what I wanted to show my employees, I wanted to show them that sometimes in your daily life, it is important to get out and see what the world has to offer. Get into nature a see what is in your own back yard. Slow down and realize that this life is short and by God, do something you love. I think we accomplished that this trip, it was a good reset button. We work really hard at the shop and this was a good break, it helped us get our mind right, and we are ready to hit the ground running when we get back. Look forward to a big rest of 2015. 


Little Rock, the food truck is coming atcha.