We are headed home! We are ducking out of the sweltering heat of Arkansas for a while and the SADCo. team is heading back to The Last Frontier for some bonding and "research" (but mostly just fishing).

I (Slader Marshall, ie: Slader's) am from Juneau, Alaska and spent the first 18 years of my life calling The Land of The Midnight Sun home. I've since got married to a southern belle, graduated college and opened this shop (along with a brand new food truck, HEADS UP LR), so most of my time is now spent in "God's Country." But for this week I get to take some of the SADCo. team back home and show them what my life was all about.

The true reason we are heading up to Juneau is to meet with our coffee suppliers, Heritage Coffee, which is based locally out of Juneau. No, Heritage does not grow their own beans in Juneau because literally nothing grows in Juneau, its Alaska. But they get their beans from all over the world and roast them right there in Juneau. Grady, the owner has a longstanding relationship with the founder of Starbucks, and the roaster that Grady uses, is the actual original Starbucks roaster (before they became a billion dollar company). We choose to sell Heritage because I truly believe they serve the best coffee you will ever taste, and also because other than my shop, I'm pretty sure no one outside of Juneau sells Heritage coffee commercially.

This is by design, Grady believes wholeheartedly in supporting local business, and so Heritage CHOOSES to sell their coffee only in Juneau, we are thankful that Heritage made an exception for us. Check back later this week and I will give you an update on all of our happenings in Alaska. Really the only important thing is its 72 degrees.